I am having trouble logging into a Makosi laptop

Laptops are generally provided in order to help Consultants when the client has yet to provide the necessary system and equipment access. They should be temporary, but we still want you to be able to be effective.

Note that your login details on the laptop does not match your Leo credentials and are given to you when you collect the laptop. Make sure you remember this password as we cannot reset it remotely.

Let us know the specifics of the issue(s) you are having so that we can assign the appropriate resources.  If possible, please provide screen shots of the error messages or other problems.  We'll work on resolving it remotely. If needed ask to stop by the office for a tune-up or to swap it out so that we can work on it and you can still get stuff done.

Let us know what you need so we can work on the next steps. Email us at

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