Managing Timesheets (For Consultants)

The purpose of this article is to guide consultants through submitting timesheets in LEO.

Accessing Timesheets


From the LEO homepage, click on the Timesheets tab



1. Confirm the desired date range to submit your timesheet

2. Toggle through previous/next week/month to view, edit or submit timesheets for that period.

3. Add, Copy, Delete rows

4. Select the appropriate project or benefit

5. Select the Category as Regular or Overtime

6. Enter the hours worked for each day

7. Add any notes/commentary as necessary

8. Add attachments as necessary

9. Cancel changes

10. Submit for approval/Save For Later to edit


 - Timesheets must total at least 40 hours between billable and non-billable time. This helps us ensure all time is recorded/collected. If you don;t have 40 hours combined, please reach out to your Consultant Success Specialist to assist.
- Timesheets are due no later than close of business each Wednesday.
- Where a client approval email/attachment has not been obtained (due to client vacation for example) a timesheet should still be submitted and "Saved for later". That way we will still be able to use the timesheet data to prepare for payroll and invoicing.
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