Overview of LEO

LEO was completely designed and built in-house. Why would we do that? Our sole purpose is to make your experience with Makosi truly unique and special. We couldn't achieve that with any old off-the-shelf product. We love that LEO is ours and we enjoy the endless flexibility and potential to expand, create and innovate.

LEO is more than a timesheet system. LEO is also a communications platform and a one stop shop for almost everything you need. This article describes some of the overall functionality.




1. Book Of Work - See all the current internal projects in flight within Makosi

2. Support Center - Contact the Consultant Success Team, or raise a project-related question/concern. Review status of you requests.

3. Review Us - Directs to Makosi's Glassdoor page. We always appreciate reviews!

4. Admin - Restricted access for Makosi administrators

5. User Profile - Edit user settings, and sign out

6. Home - Makosi news posts

7. Projects - Manage client projects. (Administrator/Finance area)

8. Employees - Manage Makosi employee information (Administrator/Finance area)

9. Timesheets - Manage Makosi employee timesheets

10. Approvals - Projects and Timesheets approvals (Administrator/Finance area)

11. Finance - Manage employee compensation and client billing (Administrator/Finance area)

12. Linkedin - Links to Makosi's Linkedin page

13. Facebook - Links to Makosi's Facebook page


We're constantly adding functionality but if you think of something great worth adding, or if you notice a bug, please mail

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